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Information Literacy

How to Do a Research Project

How do you do a Research Project? How do you know you can trust the information on the web site you're viewing? How do you even find that website you're looking for? Use the links below to help with these and other questions.

  • Assignment Organizer for Grades 7-12: What information do you need to complete an assignment or project? Use this guide to help yourself get through it. A more complete outline for students in grades seven and up.
  • Research Skills: Questions to ask yourself as you work on your project.
  • Research Organizer: Some more questions you might want to consider. Also lists possible resources to use.

Internet Searching Tips

  • Internet Search Tips: Five tips to help you make the most of your Internet searching. Also includes how to use Boolean terms.
  • A Sampling of Search Engines: Do you Yahoo? How about gainful Googling? Besides these two search engines, there are a number of others that work very well. Use this link to try them out.

Web Site Evaluation

How do you know the information you find is trustworthy? These links should help you decide.

Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a Thesis Statement for the first time can be challenging. Here is a web site that will help you with the process. The first link
gives some helpful tips and guides you through with questions to ask yourself. Once you've done that, try the Thesis Statement
Exercise link which will help put an outline together for you. The third link is an online thesis builder.

  • What Is a Thesis?: Gives some examples of thesis statements along with additional links to other sites on creating a thesis statement. 
  • How To Write A Thesis Statement: Explains what is and what isn't a good thesis statement along with some writing tips.
  • Thesis Statement Exercise: Use this as a general outline to build your Thesis Statement. Follow the questions is asks you to help put your statement together.
  • Online Thesis Builder:  Once you have a better idea of what you want to write about, try this site which will put a draft statement together for you after you answer some questions. DON"T RELY JUST ON THIS TO BUILD YOUR THESIS. IT IS ONLY A GENERAL GUIDE