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       Stratford Board of Education Bullying Policy
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mrs. Zeiner
                        Kevin Schock
                        Mr. Dimeola
                              Ms. Alechnowicz
                  Math - Mrs. Gottlieb
                  Language Arts - Mrs. Zeiner
                  Social Studies - Mr. Schock
                        Science - Mr. Dimeola
                              Special Education - Ms. Mirmina
                  Science - Mr. Dimeola
                        Special Education - Ms. Mirmina
                  Special Education - Mr. Horan
                  Homework Calendar
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mr. Tseperkas
                  Math - S. Mitchell
                  Science - Mr. Tseperkas
                  Language Arts - Mrs. Fedeli
                        Units of Study
                        Writing Tips
                        Reading Tips
                  Social Studies - M. Gagliardi
                  Meet Our Team
                  Math - M. Golinski
                  Language Arts - S. Saylor
                  Social Studies - A. Caserta
                  Guidance - J. D'Andrea
                  Test Prep
                  Science - D. Gorski
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mrs. Fraczek
                        Mr. Szturma
                              Mrs. Velasco
                        Mr. Gorski
                  Math - Mrs. Velasco
                        Pre- Alg Book Link
                        Algebra Book Link
                  Science - Mrs. Vigliotti
                  Language Arts - Mrs. Fraczek
                  Social Studies - Mr. Szturma
                  Team News
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mrs. Ebner
                        Mrs. Saymon
                        Mr. Koperwhats
                              Ms. Brutsche
                        Ms. Brutsche
                  Language Arts - Christine Ebner
                        Language Arts Curriculum & Assessments Grade 7
                        Critical Viewing Grade 7
                              Edit and Revise Grade 7
                        Interactive Reading Grade 7
                        Grade 7 Literature List
                              Persuassive Writing Grade 7
                                    The Giver Grade 7
                                          They Cage The Animals at Night Grade 7
                        Independent Reading Grade 7
                        Persuassive Essay Grade 7
                        The Giver Grade 7
                        They Cage the Animals at Night Grade 7
                        Language Arts Curriculum and Assesments Grade 8
                        Grammar Grade 8
                        Research Grade 8
                        Interactive Reading Grade 8
                        The Bracelet Grade 8
                        The Holocaust Grade 8
                        Interactive Reading 2 Grade 8
                        Interactive Reading 3 Grade 8
                        The Outsiders Grade 8
                        Interactive Reading 4 Grade 8
                        Independent Reading Project
                        Fall 2013 Do Nows and Objectives
                  Math - J. DeVita
                        Grade 7
                  Science - Mrs. Saymon
                  Social Studies - Aaron Koperwhats
                  Special Education -Christine Stolarski
                  Homework Calendar
            Physical Education
                  Physical Education Handbook
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mrs. McGlone
                        Mr. Bowcock
                  Hoops For Heart
                        Hoops For Heart
                  Soccer Study Guide
                  Volleyball Study Guide
                  Basketball Study Guide
                  Badminton/Table Tennis Study Guide
                  Cricket Study Guide
                  Physical Fitness Test
                  Swimming Study Guide
                  European Handball
                  Softball Study Guide
                  Handbook Contract
                  Bowling Study Guide
                  track and field study guide
            Support Services
            Unified Arts
                  Meet Our Team
                        Mrs. Casey Gray
                  Family & Consumer Sciences
                        FCS Course Syllabus Grade 7
                        FCS Expectations, Materials Needed and Procedures
                        FCS Course Outline
                        Materials Needed for Sewing Project
                        Grade 7 FCS Calendar
                        Contact Me
                        Michelle Genuario
                        Rose Recupero
                  Technology Education
                        Categories of Technology Prezi
                        Course Syllabus and Outline
                        PLTW FINAL
                              PLTW END OF YEAR REFLECTION
                        PLTW END OF YEAR REFLECTION
                        Categories of Technology Prezi
            World Language
                  Sra. Yvonne Conti-O'Brien
                        El calendario del 7º grado
                        El calendario del 8º grado
                        7th Grade Notes
                        8th Grade Notes
                        Binder Requirements
                        Rights and Responsibilities
                        Policies & Procedures
                        Behavior Rubric
                        Work Habits Checklist rubric
                        Extra Credit by chapter
                        Extra Credíto (projects)
                        Word Reference Mini
                        The Verb Conjugator Game
                        The 7 Cs of 21st Century Skills
                  Mrs. Virginia Berg
                        Madame Berg - francais - 7th grade
                        Madame Berg-francais -8th grade
                              Senora Berg-Spanish-8th grade- Level 1-a
                        Why we study French?
                        Images of France
                  Sra. Janarleen Boria
                  Why Study Spanish?
                  Studying Tips
                  High School Recommendation Criteria
      School Counseling
            Mission & Philosophy
            Developmental Guidance
            How We Help
            Guidance Curriculum
            Transition to Grade 9
            School Counselors
                  Katie Lynn
                  Jennifer D'Andrea
            Alternative High Schools
      Program of Studies
      Honors Program
      Homework Policy
      Physical Education/Health
            Physical Education Handbook
      National Junior Honor Society
            NJHS Standards
News & Resources
      Introduction to Flood Middle School Videos
      Monthly Lunch Menu
      Food Service Link
      Fundraising Through Target
      School Resource Officer(SRO) Information
      100 Ways to Help Your Child and School Succeed
      Stratford SEPTA
            SEPTA FAll 2014 Events
      Green Cleaning Program
      Falcon Flyer
      Officers and Committees
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      Stress Free Fundraiser
            PTA Activities
      PTSA Activities
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